These terms and conditions (this “Agreement”) are entered into by and between Position1 (OHWW Marketing Ltd) a Midlands based limited liability company and you, and is made effective as of the date of acceptance. This agreement sets out all of the terms and conditions that are in place when using any of the services that Position1 (OHWW Marketing Ltd) offer.

The terms “we”, “us” or “our” are used in reference to Position1 (OHWW MARKETING LTD Ltd). The terms “you”, “your”, “User” or “customer” are used to refer to the individual or entity who accepts this Agreement.

Ordering A Bespoke Website

1. All customers must pay a 50% deposit before work can commence.

2. A brief must be given for all bespoke websites before the design is complete.

3. Once your design is approved all sites are built on our development server and a link to your sites design will be sent to you over email.

4. Once your website is approved, the remainder MUST be paid before the website goes live.

5. Once payment has cleared we will upload and launch your website on our fully managed server.

6. When a client purchases a website they are buying the front end files of the website, the CMS belongs to Position1 and this is only used as a license on our servers.

7. Once a website has gone live, this is approval that the client is happy with the work, any changes after gone live will be charged unless stated otherwise by management.

Ordering A Pre-Built Design

1. Payment must be made upfront for pre-built websites.

2. Choose your design from our pre-built portfolio and we will begin work. You can change the background, logo and main image of your chosen design anything else will be charged.

3. Once your design is approved we will build the website.

4. Once approved we will launch the website.

Ordering SEO (applies to all marketing services)

Once the client has paid for their first months SEO, each payment is requested on the same day of each month going forward.

If the customer would like to cancel, they must do so by either contacting us by telephone or email and giving 30 days notice of cancellation.

If the customer would like to end their hosting package, they must give a notice period of 7 working days.


All of our sites are hosted on a tier 1 server which is fully managed by us and you will be charged a fee of £139 +VAT each year. (This is basic price. If you ordered a different hosting service you will be charged accordingly.)

If the customer wishes to host the website themselves, they must require permission from management to do so.

If the client is hosting the website themselves and duplicates/copies our CMS back-office without permission, then we will be forced to file legal action against the accused.

Position1 never gives out any server access to our sites and any changes that need to be made can be done through us.

Position1 do not give out the CMS files at any time as you are only purchasing a license.

The CMS is a licensed product on our servers, if the client moves hosting then the CMS files will not be given out. We can give you a static copy of the front end.

Web Code

Our bespoke Wordpress software and all of our websites are built using the latest web technologies and 100% compliant with W3C validation. Any site that we produce falls under our creative commerce and at no stage are shown or given out.

Overdue Payments

If the client has any overdue payments and does not make us aware of cancelling - Position1 (OHWW MARKETING LTD LTD) reserves the right to take any websites or assets, in our control, to clear any outstanding debts.


Once the deposit has been paid it is non-refundable, unless agreed by management of OHWW MARKETING LTD Ltd.

Once the website has been paid in full, you are agreeing to your website being finished and no refund can be given at this point.

All SEO payments are to be paid at the end of the month, meaning cancellation must have at least 30 days notice. You can not cancel the current month of SEO, it must be the next.

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